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All New Remastering

In a previous article, I wrote about how I remastered the D&D 5E SRD into the Markdown format, paragraph-by-paragraph. Today I am announcing I remastered the same material in Microsoft Word, again paragraph-by-paragraph!

In other words (no pun intended), I did not just export the existing PDF version of the SRD - which results in a real mess and much work to make it useable - just as I have before I recreated the majority of the SRD from scratch, hence the term "remastered".

Also, I took the liberty of including the official Wizards errata updates from Nov 2018!

In this .docx version of the D&D 5E SRD, I've was able to apply some basic Word styles to give it a similar appearance to the original Wizards' look n' feel, this was mostly done in the "headings". I did not recreate the 5E stat-block styling because the purpose of this project is to keep the material as simple-to-import as possible for use in your own styled projects. Though I may create a 5E-styled Word version in the future, if there are requests for it (hint-hint). Pass it on folks.

I first started this project by remastering the D&D 5E SRD into the Markdown format, from there I remastered the material into MS Word. However, during this transition, I noticed some formatting errors missed in the original Markdown remastering. So, I finished cleaning things up in the Word version, then completely remastered the Markdown version too while everything was still fresh in my head.

The results are a newly remastered Markdown and MS Word versions of the D&D 5E SRD free download and use as you see fit in your own 5E related projects!

  • The project website can be found here ... Introduction | D&D 5E SRD
  • The Github page can be found here ... Umbyology/OGL-SRD5
  • The Downloads can be found here ... Umbyology/OGL-SRD5

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