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D&D 5E SRD REmastered v0.4.1

I have updated the remastering of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition SRD (Standard Resource Document) in Markdown format. This is the REmastered v0.4.1.

As in previous versions, I did not just export the existing SRD from Wizards - which results in a real mess and much work to make it useable in any publication - I have remastered the whole document paragraph-by-paragraph recreated the majority of the SRD from scratch, hence the term "remastered".

Also, as of v0.4+ I took the liberty of including the official Wizards errata updates from Nov 2018! . I've also adjusted the spell lists according to D&D 5E SRD v5.1.

In the .docx version, I've reduced the number of styles utilized maintaining a basic look-n-feel for use in your own projects and publications. The fewer style you have to adjust or convert the better.

The results are newly remastered files in Markdown (.md), .DOCX and many new aditional formats including .ICML, .HTML, and .ODT

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